• Chief Judge: Hon. Sabrina L. Johnson
  • Court Administrator: Priscilla A. Gibbs
  • City of Inkster

Virtual Courtroom

You can access Zoom by downloading the app on your mobile phone, or going to Zoom.us. If you need assistance, you can click the “Request A Demo” link on the top right hand side of the webpage. You should familiarize yourself with Zoom before calling into the court, as we will not have time to help you troubleshoot while court is in session.

Once you have clicked “Join A Meeting,” you will input a Meeting ID that you will be provided

You will first be placed in a waiting room Please make sure you put your name as your screen name. The judge will go live with the participants on your case after other cases are completed. Please be patient. It is advised for you to practice these steps before your hearing and ensure that your video and audio are working.

When you go live, please remember that you are still in a courtroom and the rules of courtroom decorum apply. This includes being properly dressed for court and having a background or noises that will not be distracting. Please keep the camera above your face. You may not record the proceedings with another device.

When zoom is being used, cases can be viewed live at the following Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC4ZmCxvbQoho9w8nQi8zLg/