• Chief Judge: Hon. Sabrina L. Johnson
  • Court Administrator: Dr. Pamela L. Davis
  • City of Inkster

Jury Duty FAQ

How long will I have to serve?

You should plan on serving one full day from 8:30am to 4:30pm. If you are selected for a jury trial, you will be expected to serve until the case is concluded.

How much will I be paid?

You are paid $30 for the first day, and $45 for each day after the first day. You will also be paid $10 per day for mileage. Payment will be distributed to you in cash on the same day(s) of your Jury Duty service date(s).

How long will it take me to receive payment?

2 weeks after jury service

What is the age limit for serving jury duty?

If you are over 70 years of age, you are not required to serve jury duty. You must show proof of your age in order to be excused. Of course, if you are over 70 and wish to serve, you may.

I am a student and unable to serve during my school term. What can I do?

You are not exempt from serving jury duty because you are a student. Hoever, you may request a postponement.

What if I am unable to serve for medical reasons?

Medical postponements must be accompanied by a letter from your doctor two weeks prior to the date on your summons. A doctor's note is required and must state the reason why you should be postponed from serving at that time.

I no longer live in the City of Inkster. Do I still have to serve jury duty at the 22nd district court?

No, you can fax or email a copy of your drivers license (front and back) with your new non-City of Inkster address to pgibbs@22nd-district-court.mysites.io (313-277-8200)

What if I cannot appear on the date listed on my summons?

If you have an extraordinary circumstance that requires you to postpone, you must submit a detailed request in writing within two weeks of receiving your summons. You must have permission from the Court to postpone.

Who do I contact regarding jury duty?

Please email the Jury Clerk at pgibbs@districtcour22.com or contact 313-277-8200

What if I misplace my summons?

Please email the Jury Clerk at 313-277-8200 or contact 313-965-4151. However, you must still appear even if you misplace your summons.

Where do I go when I am checking in?

Security Desk