Court Schedule

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Monday is set aside for out of custody arraignments. Most matters are scheduled in advance but persons known to have out- standing warrants may turn themselves in for arraignment to avoid arrest. (In custody arraignments are conducted daily.) This is the first appearance before the Judge for persons charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony.

The Judge advises of the charge and potential consequences of conviction. The Defendant must enter a plea of:

    • Not Guilty,
    • Guilty,
    • No Contest or
    • May Stand Mute.

If Defendant pleads guilty, a sentence may be imposed immediately for misdemeanor convictions. If a Defendant pleads not guilty or sentencing is delayed, the Judge will set a bond and the next Court date.


Defendants are required to check in at the front window with a Deputy Court Clerk.


Informal Hearings, Showcauses, Formal Hearings, Code enforcement hearings


Felony/State Misdemeanor

Cases are heard. The Prosecutor must pre-screen all cases set for trial, pretrial, and preliminary examination. The prosecutor prepares the proper forms and sends the file to the judge when they are ready to be heard.


Check in with the Assistant County Prosecutor by 9am for felonies and 9am for misdemeanors. The judge takes the bench as soon as cases are pre-tried and ready to be heard.

Sentencing/Probation Violation

Show cause hearings are also held.


Check in with Probation Officers.
Pre-trials, Exams


  • a.m. – General Civil
  • p.m. – Landlord Tenant

Warrant arraignments are done between the hours of 9am and 10am, Monday through Friday.